What does the first soliloquy reveal about Hamlet?

The depth of Hamlet’s sadness after losing his father is revealed in his monologue. The main character is upset when he learns that his mother got married to another man just one month after his father passed away. He keeps up a front in front of his family and friends since he is unable to fully express his suffering.

The play’s protagonist, Hamlet, must deal with the death of his father. He is unable to properly analyze his feelings. He is urged to put an end to his grieving and move in with his mother and uncle in Denmark. In Act 1, Scene 2, the grieving hero expresses his agony and rage in a soliloquy. Through his monologue, the protagonist allows the reader to finally understand his actual emotions. He depicts Denmark as a whole as an uncared-for garden in his agony. In addition, he mulls on suicide. Hamlet laments how quickly his mother moved on from the death of his father, displaying feelings of sorrow and hopelessness. He holds his uncle in low regard and feels betrayed by his mother’s behavior.

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In this speech, Hamlet contrasts his father and uncle. While the former is equated to a beast, the latter is compared to God. By drawing such a contrast, Hamlet conveys to the audience his deep mistrust of his uncle, who, in Hamlet’s eyes, cannot succeed his father. The reader is forced to observe Hamlet’s intense emotions throughout this monologue. As a result, the audience begins to feel sorry for him.

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