What Does The Author Use In This Excerpt To Develop Grendel’s Character In “Beowulf”?

Edmund Spenser and the author of “Beowulf” employ literary devices to craft their characters and themes. In “Beowulf,” the author uses imagery and figurative language to develop Grendel’s character as a monstrous being who terrorizes humans. The author portrays Grendel as merciless and impulsive. However, the author also humanizes Grendel by depicting his isolation and loneliness.

Similarly, in Spenser’s Sonnet 9, he uses literary devices to convey his message about love. Personification is used to represent love as a force beyond human control, while metaphors and similes are used to represent different aspects of love. Spenser’s metaphors highlight the transformative power of love, while similes draw comparisons between love and natural elements, emphasizing its beauty and vitality.

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Both authors’ use of literary devices showcases the power of language in literature and helps to create nuanced and sophisticated characters and themes.

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