What does Odysseus do on the island of Cicones that best shows the trait of leadership?

In Book 9 of The Odyssey, Odysseus and his crew raided the island of Cicones, hoping to gather more provisions for their journey back to Ithaca. They were successful in their endeavor, but instead of following Odysseus’s orders to return to their ships and share the loot equally, the crew indulged in a lavish celebration. Odysseus observed his men becoming consumed by greed and losing sight of their ultimate goal, which was to return home. He then convinced them to flee just as the Cicones began to fight back in full force.

Odysseus’s leadership and bravery are well-documented throughout the epic. However, the episode in the land of Cicones is significant because it highlights Odysseus’s leadership style. Despite his men’s disobedience, Odysseus refused to help them fight the newly arrived forces. This decision emphasizes the importance of trust in a leader. If his men did not follow him, he would not fight for them. Odysseus’s refusal to help his men in this situation serves as a lesson to his crew and the readers about the importance of following orders and the dangers of giving in to greed.

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