What Does Gatsby Want from Daisy in Chapter 6?

Chapter 6 of the novel portrays Gatsby’s intense desire to reunite with Daisy and forget the five years that she spent with Tom. He is willing to ignore this period and pretend that their relationship was continuous and pure. Gatsby wants Daisy to acknowledge that she has never loved Tom and that he was the only man she ever wanted. He demands that she leaves Tom and publicly announces their break-up, so everyone can pretend that she and Tom were never in a relationship.

Throughout the chapter, Gatsby tries hard to convince Daisy to follow his dream and renew their past relationship. He also wants her complete commitment to their bond by leaving Tom. The characters of the novel represent the American Dream, with Tom having a beautiful and wealthy wife, while Gatsby strives to win back his lost love.

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What Does Gatsby Want from Daisy in Chapter 6?
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Tom is possessive of Daisy, but he also seeks company outside of their relationship, particularly with Myrtle Wilson, a woman from a lower social class. Despite Gatsby’s efforts, Daisy’s commitment to him remains uncertain, and the reader is left to wonder if his dream of a renewed relationship with Daisy will come to fruition.

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