What Does Gatsby Tell Nick About Himself And His Past?

As Gatsby and Nick traveled to New York, Gatsby began to tell Nick about his past. He came from a wealthy family in San Francisco and inherited a large sum of money after his family passed away. He also mentioned that he attended Oxford University as a family tradition and used his fortune to travel to places like Paris, Venice, and Rome, collecting jewels, hunting, and painting. Nick was suspicious of Gatsby’s story, as he seemed to be hiding something. Gatsby then introduced Nick to Mr. Wolfshiem, which only raised more questions about Gatsby’s wealth and shady business dealings. As Gatsby continued to tell his story, Nick noticed that he seemed to be hesitant and uncomfortable, leading him to believe that there was something sinister about Gatsby. Eventually, Gatsby revealed the truth about his past; when he was 17, he changed his name to Jay Gatsby and met Dan Cody, a millionaire who made him his steward, mate, skipper, secretary, and even jailor. This was the start of Gatsby’s journey to wealth and luxury, and the beginning of his American dream.


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