What does Athena fear?

Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom and courage, is often seen as fearless and unbeatable. However, her contest with Poseidon shows that she does have a fear: losing a challenge. In Greek mythology, Athena is the daughter of Zeus and the favorite child of the chief god. She is known for wearing a breastplate engraved with qualities like fear, defense, assault, and strife, which help her win in battles.

Poseidon, the sea god and brother of Zeus, challenged Athena one day for control of the earthly kingdoms, including Athens. Poseidon claimed that he could bring more benefits to the city and offered a salt spring to its citizens. Athena, however, relied on her wisdom and fear of losing the contest. She planted olive trees that provided food, wood, and oil to the Athenians, ultimately winning the contest and keeping Athens for herself.

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Despite being the goddess of courage and strength, Athena’s fear of losing a challenge helped her become victorious. Her choice to plant olive trees demonstrated her strategic thinking and her commitment to providing long-term benefits to the city. This story shows that even the most powerful beings can have fears and that fear can sometimes be a useful tool in achieving success.



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