What do owls represent in Native American culture?

Native American cultures often view owls as symbols of wisdom, knowledge, and intuition. The beliefs surrounding owls vary between different tribes and regions, but they are generally seen as spiritual beings that can help guide people through life’s challenges. For example, the Zuni tribe of New Mexico view owls as sacred and associate them with fertility, protection, and the ability to see beyond the physical world. The Lakota Sioux also view owls as symbols of wisdom and the ability to see what is hidden, believing that they can help people access their inner wisdom and intuition. In some cases, owls are also associated with death and the afterlife, as they are believed to be able to guide souls on their journey. Ultimately, owls are deeply connected to the spiritual world and their ability to guide and protect individuals on their journey through life is highly valued in Native American culture. As one Cherokee proverb states, “Listen to the night owl for it brings wisdom to the soul.”


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