What conflict(s) does Hamlet Experience Inside Himself?

Hamlet, the central character in Shakespeare’s play, experiences many internal conflicts related to his grief, betrayal by his loved ones, and his duty to avenge his father’s death. These external problems result in Hamlet’s insecurities about what is right and wrong, which create tension and affect his motivation. The protagonist’s emotional and melancholic nature also drives suicidal thoughts, which are further complicated by his desire for revenge. Despite being skeptical about the Ghost’s demand to avenge his father’s death, Hamlet feels duty-bound to do so.

Hamlet also experiences an internal conflict regarding his anger and hatred. Initially, he tries to shut down emotionally to avoid experiencing fury and pain, but eventually, he is forced to confront these feelings. However, this internal struggle causes Hamlet to close his heart to those who genuinely love him. Betrayal by his closest people changes Hamlet’s perception of love, preventing him from opening himself up to pure love and happiness.

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Another conflict Hamlet experiences is related to his mother’s remarriage to her dead husband’s brother. Although he still loves his mother, he despises her neglecting the king’s memory and disregard for tradition. This conflict makes it hard for Hamlet to believe in love again, and he is left questioning whether it brings joy or suffering.

The internal battles Hamlet faces throughout the play change his character’s evident pattern. The audience observes a shift in the protagonist from a noble, intelligent, and polite man to a troubled and conflicted individual. His struggles with life and death, religion, and duty are all connected to his desire for revenge, which has caused him to question his own sanity. Despite this, Hamlet remains one of Shakespeare’s most complex and intriguing characters.

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