What Books Did Emily Bronte Write?

During the Victorian period, the gap between genders was widening,
causing women to become increasingly frustrated with the discrimination
and injustice they faced. The Brontë sisters, for example, had to use
pen names to publish their works, as they knew the backlash they would
receive if they used their own names. Emily Brontë, who wrote under the
name Ellis Bell, was particularly successful, with her most famous work
being Wuthering Heights. Emily Brontë was not afraid to challenge the
definition of Victorian writing, and she remains one of the most
renowned names in literary circles. Scholars of literature regard her as
the inventor of the modern short story, and her ability to craft an
influential foundation for short art narrative is one of the primary
reasons for the continued circulation and readership of her book.


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What Books Did Emily Bronte Write?
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