What Are the Main Differences Between The Great Gatsby Book and Movie?

The movie adaptation of The Great Gatsby by Baz Luhrmann differs from the classic novel in several ways. Although the film depicts the story accurately, some scenes vary from the original text. For instance, some differences are seen at the beginning of the story and during the apartment party. However, overall, the movie production team does an excellent job of bringing the classic tale to life.


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In the book, the story is narrated by Nick, and it is clear that he is telling Gatsby’s story. However, the movie is not as explicit about this fact. While Nick is still portrayed as the narrator, there are scenes where he is typing and organizing the manuscript, which adds a layer of complexity to the storytelling.


The film adaptation also omits some of the side stories that were present in the novel. For instance, the romantic relationship between Nick and Jordan is not shown in the movie. In the book, Nick and Jordan become a couple and later break up, but this part of the story is not present in the film.


Additionally, the movie depicts Gatsby’s murder in more detail than the book. In the film, Gatsby dies with the thought that Daisy plans to leave Tom for him, which creates more drama. However, in the novel, the details of Gatsby’s death are not elaborated on to the same extent.


Overall, while there are differences between the book and the movie, Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation of The Great Gatsby does an excellent job of bringing the classic tale to life. The film stays true to the plot and themes of the novel while adding its own cinematic style and flair.


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