What Are the Main Characters in a Good Man Is Hard to Find?

In A Good Man Is Hard to Find, there are two primary characters: the grandmother and The Misfit, who are polar opposites. The minor characters, such as Bailey, his wife, and their kids, lack depth and have negative traits. Even the characters the family meets on their trip, like Red Sammy Butts, are flawed. The only two characters that evolve throughout the story are the grandmother and The Misfit.

The grandmother is judgmental and self-centered, considering herself a lady who is better than others. She dresses modestly to display her moral superiority, yet she makes selfish decisions, such as leading her family to the plantation despite the danger of meeting The Misfit. She criticizes others but never applies the same criticism to herself, showing her hypocrisy. Even when The Misfit kills her family, she tries to save herself.

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On the other hand, The Misfit initially appears to be a violent killer who causes chaos and kills innocent people. However, as readers learn more about him, he becomes more complex. He questions his morality and the existence of God, searching for meaning in life. He is self-aware and can analyze his actions, taking responsibility for his mistakes. The Misfit forms his own philosophy and follows his moral code, even if it is wretched and cruel.

Compared to the grandmother, The Misfit seems much more moral and religious. He knows his wrongs and flaws and does not try to prove his righteousness to others. The Misfit’s stable moral code and self-awareness could have made him a great leader if he had not gone the wrong way. In contrast, the grandmother’s selfishness and hypocrisy lead to her downfall.

Overall, the characters in A Good Man Is Hard to Find are generally shallow and superficial, except for the grandmother and The Misfit. The story shows the contrast between the two characters and their moral codes. The Misfit’s self-awareness and morality make him a complex character, while the grandmother’s selfishness and hypocrisy lead to her downfall.


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