The Canterbury Tales Is Written Almost Entirely In What Style?

Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales is a collection of stories from the 14th century that is renowned for its unique style. Written in Middle English, the work is known for its narrative technique, which is a combination of realism and romance. Chaucer’s keen eye for human behavior and his ability to capture the personalities of his characters in an entertaining way is also a notable feature of the work. He used humor and satire to portray the antics and follies of people from all walks of life. Additionally, Chaucer’s style is characterized by its use of rhyming couplets, which was a popular form of poetry in medieval England. This form of poetry created a rhythmic and musical quality to the writing, as well as a sense of unity and coherence in the collection of tales. All in all, the Canterbury Tales is a reflection of the literary and cultural traditions of medieval England and has had a lasting impact on the development of English literature.

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