In Wuthering Heights, When Catherine Marries Edgar, Where Do the Two Reside?

After marrying Edgar, Catherine moves out of Wuthering Heights to live with her husband in Thrushcross Grange. It is Linton’s residence. But shortly after Edgar dies and Heathcliff becomes the new owner of the place, she returns.

Detailed answer:

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Despite loving Heathcliff, Catherine marries Edgar Linton three years after his parents die. Readers learn about her decision when she tells Nelly that she has accepted Linton’s proposal. When asked about Heathcliff, Catherine says that she has chosen Edgar because of his status. Uninformed of the presence of Heathcliff nearby, Catherine tells all the truth. The outcast overhears the conversation and runs out of Wuthering Heights in utter distress. Earnshaw searches for him, which makes her stay in the rain for a long time and get sick. Edgar’s parents take care of the protagonist by taking her to Thrushcross Grange. They get infected and part with their lives soon, and three years after these events, Edgar and Catherine marry. Nelly moves out of Wuthering Heights to serve Catherine, concluding the love story.

The story takes a radical turn when Edgar dies soon after marrying Catherine. This event is not what Earnshaw has expected from her marriage. Her life gets complicated when Heathcliff takes ownership of both Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange. The place that she has wanted to call home is taken away by Heathcliff. He orders Catherine to return to Wuthering Heights. There she lives as a servant realizing that her greatest mistake has been exchanging love for a dignified life. She is even parted with her servant, Nelly, who stays in Linton’s former place.

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