In Which Point of View is the Great Gatsby Written?

The Great Gatsby, a famous novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald, is told from a first-person perspective by the narrator, Nick Carraway. Nick is a young man who grew up in a small town, served in World War I, and came to New York to learn the bond business. He is a good listener and keeps an open mind about people, which allows him to learn a lot about others and add detail to the story. However, he is not a reliable narrator since he is limited in his ability to read other people’s thoughts and remains on the periphery of the story.

Nick’s background and personality make him an ideal choice for the narrator of the story. His personal observations of the characters are informative and provide the readers with a better understanding of the story. Additionally, his relationship with Daisy, one of the main characters, gives him a unique perspective on her life. However, despite being the narrator, Nick is not the center of the story. As a result, he is a limited narrator as he cannot provide insight into the thoughts and feelings of the other characters.

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