In the Odyssey – Amphimedon, what motivates Odysseus to dress as a beggar?

In the Odyssey – Amphimedon, Odysseus disguised himself as a beggar in order to avenge the suitors. By adopting a false identity, Odysseus is able to learn how others truly feel about him. It guards him against being murdered by his adversaries.

Ithaca had undergone tremendous alteration in the twenty years after Odysseus had left. A few individuals continued to support their ruler. Others lost hope in his coming back. In any event, Odysseus’ decision to return to Ithaca was dangerous. He wasn’t aware of any changes that had occurred while he was absent. Athena made the decision to conceal his identity as a result. He could learn who still remained devoted to him and who his admirers were with her assistance. Odysseus was forced to resemble a beggar by the goddess. Without revealing his name, he could converse with people and organize his retaliation.

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His servant, Eumaeus, was the first person the disguised Odysseus encountered. The man showed Odysseus kindness and hospitality while admonishing the suitors. Later, Eumaeus goes with the disguised Odysseus to the palace, where Odysseus’ son Telemachus advised that Odysseus approach the suitors and solicit alms. The most haughty of the suitors, Antinous, however, insulted the beggar and even threw a stool at him.

In disguise as a beggar, Odysseus also encountered Penelope. She was skeptical of her husband’s identity even if she did not specifically recognize him in the beggar. She proposed holding a competition in which the winner would marry her if they could successfully use Odysseus’ massive bow. The following day, other men attempt to wield the bow but fail. In disguise as a beggar, Odysseus took the bow and shot it with ease. He then executed the suitors who had betrayed him after ripping off his beggar attire.

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