In The Novel Frankenstein What Does The Creatures Connection To Nature Suggest About Him?

During the Romanticism period in the early 1800s, European literature was characterized by a focus on the impact of nature on individuals and the unexpected consequences that can arise from this relationship. Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is a prime example of this type of novel. In the book, nature serves as a healing power for the characters, particularly the monster who finds solace in nature after being rejected by society. Unlike Victor, who only turns to nature when he is at his lowest, the monster consistently shows appreciation for nature and inhabits the mountains of Switzerland because his physical appearance prevents him from living anywhere else. The monster feeds off of berries and roots and does not harm any of the animals that also inhabit the land. Despite being mistreated by humans, the monster still shows kindness and respect for them, as demonstrated when he saves a girl from drowning and is shot at in return. In contrast, Victor uses nature for his own selfish reasons and only seeks comfort from it when he needs it, while the monster sees it as his only safe haven.

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