In Frankenstein, Who Cares for Victor When He Is Stricken with a Fever?

Henry Clerval aids Victor Frankenstein in Chapter 5 by caring for him during his months-long fever, concealing his illness from his family. The theme of illness, both physical and psychological, appears throughout the novel to represent significant events. Henry’s assistance allows Victor to recover, but his mental and physical health deteriorates again soon after.


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In Chapter 21, Victor’s health deteriorates further as he becomes increasingly paranoid about the monster. He witnesses the body of his friend, Henry, who has been killed by the monster, which triggers a seizure. Victor remains ill for two months while in prison, which may be related to his mental state. It is clear that negative emotional experiences precede the onset of the disease, highlighting the connection between physical and psychological health.


In summary, Henry Clerval helps Victor overcome his prolonged fever in Chapter 5, while Victor’s illness recurs later in the novel, indicating the connection between physical and psychological health.


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