In Frankenstein, Victor Changes from an Optimistic Young Scientist to a Totally Unhappy Man. How Does It Happen?

Initially, Victor is filled with excitement at the prospect of conquering death through science. He envisions a perfect Creature, assembled piece by piece, which will be a triumph of his knowledge and expertise. However, his success in bringing the Creature to life has unintended consequences, as the Creature is tormented by painful thoughts and emotions that drive him to commit murder.

Victor becomes overwhelmed by the horror of his creation and flees, leaving the Creature to fend for himself. The Creature is forced to live in isolation, longing to become part of human society. But his efforts to befriend a family living in the woods end in rejection, leaving him feeling even more alone and misunderstood. The Creature’s loneliness and pain lead him to kill Victor’s younger brother, William, an act for which Victor feels responsible.

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Frankenstein becomes consumed by guilt and despair after realizing the consequences of his experiment. When he encounters the Creature again, he learns of the monster’s story and his plea for a companion. Victor initially agrees to create a female creature but eventually abandons the plan due to fear of the consequences. This decision leads to further tragedy, as the Creature seeks revenge by killing Victor’s friend, Henry Clerval, and framing Victor for the crime.

Victor finds himself imprisoned and broken-hearted, reflecting on the consequences of his actions and the tragedy that has befallen those closest to him. The experiment he believed would lead to glory and triumph has instead resulted in a devastating series of events that have left him and those around him shattered.

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