In Chapter 8, Did Gatsby Go to Oxford?

In Chapter 8 of The Great Gatsby, it is revealed that Gatsby did go to Oxford, but not because he wanted to go back to Daisy. In fact, he was sent there due to a clerical error. Gatsby and Daisy fell in love with each other before Gatsby had to leave for war. Gatsby planned to return to her after the war ended, but he was sent to Oxford instead of being able to go back home.

Upon returning from the Buchanan’s, Gatsby confided in Nick about his love for Daisy and their time together. Gatsby’s intention was always to return to Daisy as soon as possible after the war ended, and he never planned on attending Oxford. Even though he was a skilled soldier, he could not return home, and instead, he was sent to Oxford. Afterward, Gatsby tried to find Daisy, but she was on a honeymoon with Tom. He later presented himself as a graduate of Oxford, but Nick was the only one who knew the truth.

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The fact that Gatsby attended Oxford due to an error in the system highlights the theme of social mobility in the novel. Despite coming from a humble background, Gatsby wanted to achieve a higher status in society, which is evident in his pursuit of wealth and success. However, his inability to attend the university on his own terms and his misrepresentation of himself as an Oxford graduate suggest that social mobility is challenging, if not impossible, for those who do not come from the right social class or background.


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