In “Animal Farm”, what changes have the years brought to the farm?

In “Animal Farm,” the passage of time brings about drastic changes to the farm and its inhabitants. At the start of the story, the animals overthrow their human master, Mr. Jones, and create a new society based on the principles of Animalism. However, the pigs, who have taken on leadership roles, start to act more and more like humans and less like their fellow animals. The pigs gain power, create laws, and even adopt human-like behaviors such as walking on two legs and wearing clothing. As the novel progresses, it becomes clear that the pigs are exploiting their power to benefit themselves at the expense of the other animals. The farm becomes more prosperous, but the pigs begin to hoard resources and become more oppressive, leading to economic disparity and violence. In the end, the changes brought by the years lead to the complete transformation of the farm from a symbol of hope and equality to one of oppression and inequality. The animals have become just like the humans they sought to overthrow, and the dream of a truly equal and just society seems further away than ever before.


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