How many kisses in total did Gawain receive?

The poem Sir Gawain and the Green Knight tells the story of the main character, Sir Gawain, who is tested through a series of exchanges with the lord and lady of a castle he visits on his quest to fulfill the Green Knight’s challenge. The lady of the castle attempts to seduce Sir Gawain over the course of three days while her husband is away hunting. As part of an agreement with the lord, Sir Gawain exchanges kisses with the lady for the lord’s prey.

Sir Gawain receives one kiss on the first day, two on the second day, and three on the third and final day. These kisses are not a demonstration of affection from the lady but rather a test of Sir Gawain’s righteousness. In return for the kisses, Sir Gawain gives kisses back to the lord every day.

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On the third day, the lady also gives Sir Gawain a belt, which he keeps instead of giving to the lord as part of their agreement. Later, when Sir Gawain arrives at the Green Chapel to fulfill his end of the bargain with the Green Knight, he receives three hits. The Green Knight reveals that these hits were also trials, and Sir Gawain had passed the first two by returning the kisses he received.

However, the third trial is where Sir Gawain fails, as he kept the belt instead of returning it to the lord. The kisses Sir Gawain received from the lady were not acts of love but instead served as a test of Sir Gawain’s virtue and honor. Despite the lady’s attempts to seduce him, Sir Gawain only suffered a small cut as a result.


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