How is Bridget Jones’s Diary connected to Pride and Prejudice?

Bridget Jones’s Diary is a modern retelling of the classic British novel Pride and Prejudice. Despite being set in a different time period, the 1996 novel by Helen Fielding contains several references to the original work. The story revolves around a 30-year-old Bridget Jones, who, like Austen’s protagonist Elizabeth Bennet, is in search of love while dealing with societal pressures and personal development.

Both novels explore themes such as family expectations, prejudices, and relationships. Furthermore, Bridget and Elizabeth both fall in love with a wealthy, prideful gentleman named Darcy. In Bridget Jones’s Diary, Daniel Cleaver serves as a reminder of Austen’s character Mr. Wickham. Bridget’s mother also shares similarities with Mrs. Bennet in her eagerness to see her daughter married.

The film adaptation of Bridget Jones’s Diary features Renee Zellweger, Hugh Grant, and Colin Firth, who famously played Mr. Darcy in the 1995 television adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. The use of the same actor highlights the connection between the two novels. Both books have been included in the BBC list of 100 books that shaped the world.

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