How Does Walton Describe the Stranger He Takes Onboard?

Like Victor, Walton also rejected his family and friends to pursue his scientific ambitions. Walton is alone in his pursuit of fame and knowledge. He says, “I shall satiate my ardent curiosity with the sight of a part of the world never before visited…” This ambition isolates him from his loved ones, and he is often lonely. Similarly, Victor’s obsession with creating life causes him to withdraw from his friends and family, leading to his isolation.

Despite the similarity of their ambitions, Walton’s story also offers a glimpse of hope. Walton recognizes the danger of being too ambitious and too driven by one’s desires. He begins to see that his own ambition could lead to his downfall, just as Victor’s did. The captain’s experience with Victor’s story teaches him that one should not be blinded by ambition and that there are more important things than scientific fame.

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How Does Walton Describe the Stranger He Takes Onboard?
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Walton’s friendship with Victor helps Victor to reflect on his past mistakes. Victor sees the similarities between himself and Walton and realizes that his own ambition caused him to lose everything he held dear. Victor sees in Walton an opportunity to make a difference, to prevent someone from making the same mistakes he made. By sharing his story with Walton, Victor hopes to prevent the captain from making the same mistakes he did.

Through his story, Victor helps Walton to see the consequences of his ambition. Walton learns that the pursuit of knowledge and fame can lead to destruction and ruin. He realizes that there are more important things in life than personal glory. Walton ultimately decides to turn his ship around and head back home, abandoning his quest for knowledge and fame.

In the end, Walton serves as a reminder of what could have been for Victor. Victor could have had a friend like Walton, who could have helped him see the consequences of his actions. If Victor had had someone to talk to and confide in, perhaps he would not have made the same mistakes. Walton’s character shows that it is possible to be ambitious and driven, but still maintain a sense of humanity and humility.

Overall, Walton serves as a mirror to Victor. Their similarities in ambition and isolation are striking, but Walton’s ability to learn from Victor’s story shows that it is possible to change and grow. Through his friendship with Victor, Walton gains a new perspective on life, and his character serves as a reminder that there is more to life than personal ambition and scientific fame.

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