How Does The Narrator Feel About Jennie In The Yellow Wallpaper?

In Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s “The Yellow Wallpaper,” the narrator’s attitude towards Jennie is intricate and fluctuates throughout the narrative. Initially, the narrator appears to have a positive opinion of Jennie, as she is depicted as a “perfect and enthusiastic nurse.” Jennie is also portrayed as being caring and competent, which the narrator appreciates. However, as the narrator becomes more obsessed with the yellow wallpaper, her feelings towards Jennie start to change. The narrator becomes increasingly irritated and resentful of Jennie’s attempts to control her and limit her movements. Jennie is portrayed as being overly strict and not allowing the narrator to leave her room or participate in any activities that could help her health. This leads the narrator to view Jennie as oppressive and symbolic of the societal restrictions that are preventing her from getting better. The narrator’s growing animosity towards Jennie is also a reflection of her deteriorating mental state. As she becomes more unwell and fixated on the yellow wallpaper, she becomes increasingly paranoid and delusional. Her negative feelings towards Jennie are a manifestation of her growing disillusionment with the world around her and her increasing desire for freedom and independence. Ultimately, the narrator’s feelings towards Jennie are a complex combination of affection, frustration, resentment, and paranoia. They are a significant part of the story and serve to illustrate the narrator’s deteriorating mental state and her longing for freedom and autonomy.


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