How Does The Main Character In The Necklace Change From Beginning To End?

“At the start of “”The Necklace”” by Guy de Maupassant, Mathilde Loisel is portrayed as a discontented and jealous individual who desires a more luxurious lifestyle. She is displeased with her husband, believing him to be too poor and unsophisticated, and she constantly fantasizes about a life of fine clothes and social gatherings. However, when she loses a borrowed necklace and spends a decade working to pay off the debt, Mathilde’s world is flipped upside down. Through her experiences, she discovers the real worth of hard work and satisfaction, and she obtains a new outlook on life. She realizes that her quest for wealth and prestige was shallow and insignificant, and she is thankful for the simple life she has. By the end of the story, Mathilde has been humbled and has gained knowledge from her experiences. She no longer dreams of a life of extravagance and has come to value the things that truly matter in life, such as her health and her relationships. Her transformation is highlighted by a newfound appreciation for her husband, whom she now sees as a kind and loving companion, and a deeper understanding of the importance of contentment and humility. In summary, Mathilde Loisel changes from an unsatisfied and envious woman at the beginning of the story to a wiser and humbled woman by the end. Through her experiences, she learns the true value of hard work and contentment, and gains a new perspective on life that emphasizes the importance of gratitude and humility.”


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