How Does The Great Gatsby Reflect the Jazz Age?

The Great Gatsby is a reflection of the Jazz Age, a period of great economic prosperity in the US following World War I. Fitzgerald’s novel features Gatsby’s luxurious parties, complete with live jazz orchestras, which were a hallmark of this era. The book’s focus on material values and the struggle to achieve a higher social status also reflects the time period.


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During the 1920s, there was rapid economic growth, scientific innovation, and the development of new technologies, all of which contributed to the increase in wealth for many Americans. This newfound prosperity led to a focus on consumerism and the emergence of new lifestyles centered around sports, travel, and jazz music. The American Dream also became a prominent concept during this period, and it is a theme that runs throughout The Great Gatsby.


The novel is a vivid and accurate depiction of life during the Jazz Age, with Fitzgerald providing detailed descriptions of the era’s culture and values. The opulent parties hosted by Gatsby are a prime example of the excesses of this period. His mansion is filled with guests, his Rolls-Royce is on display, and a live orchestra plays jazz music. The scene is one of awe and amazement for all those in attendance.


The novel also explores the struggles of people during this period to attain a higher social status. Myrtle, a lower-class woman, is fixated on material possessions and desires a better position in society. She enters into an affair with Tom, a wealthy man, in the hopes of improving her social status. Gatsby is also focused on improving his social standing, but it is not for material gain. Instead, his goal is to win the love of Daisy, a woman he has been obsessed with for years.


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