How does Romeo find out about the Capulet party?

  1. In Act I, Scene II of “Romeo and Juliet,” Romeo is approached by a servant who is unable to read the list of guests for the Capulet party and asks for his help. This encounter leads to Romeo’s decision to attend the party, which sets off the events of the play. Through wordplay, Shakespeare shows how Romeo’s feelings towards Rosaline shift from unrequited love to eagerness to attend the party. This scene not only introduces Romeo’s character and his motivation for attending the Capulet party, but it also establishes the central conflict of the play: the feud between the Capulet and Montague families. By attending the party, Romeo is putting himself in danger, which ultimately leads to the tragic ending of the play. Thus, Romeo’s discovery of the Capulet party through the servant’s inability to read the guest list is a crucial turning point in the play, setting off the events that lead to the tragic end of the story. 

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