How Does Nick Meet Gatsby For The First Time?

In the opening chapters of the novel, Nick focuses on Gatsby, the namesake of the book, and expresses a mixture of admiration and disdain for him. Nick’s initial description of Gatsby’s romanticism and optimism creates a sense of intrigue that encourages the reader to learn more about him. Nick first sees Gatsby standing by the water, stretching his arms out and trembling, which appears to be a gesture of deep emotion. Nick is then invited to one of Gatsby’s parties, where he meets Gatsby and notices his warm smile. Gatsby is friendly and does not drink, and keeps himself apart from the party. Later, Gatsby takes Nick on a drive to New York and tells him about his past, which raises doubts and suspicions in Nick. Gatsby then introduces Nick to Mr. Wolfshiem, which further raises questions about Gatsby’s wealth and his shady business dealings.


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How Does Nick Meet Gatsby For The First Time?
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