How Does Nick Know Daisy and Tom in The Great Gatsby?

The Great Gatsby by Francis Scott Fitzgerald revolves around the theme of social circles defined by wealth and status. In the novel, the rich live in close proximity to each other, while the poor are relegated to less desirable areas. Nick, the narrator, is a member of high society and has connections to wealthy people in the East Egg. He settles in the West Egg, where the new elites are assimilated into their group.


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Nick’s connections, wealth, and manners allow him to be accepted by the residents of the West Egg. It is here that he encounters his old acquaintances, Daisy and Tom, who are married. Daisy is Nick’s cousin, whom he visited after the war. During his visit, he remembers seeing Daisy for the first time in years. Tom, on the other hand, went to Yale, the same college as Nick, and was a member of the same school club. The couple remembers Nick and is interested in his life, reinforcing the notion of shared social circles.


Overall, the novel portrays how social connections and wealth can dictate one’s social circle and influence their life. Nick’s connections to wealthy people in the East Egg, as well as his interactions with Daisy and Tom, illustrate this point.


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