How Does Nick Describe Tom Buchanan in Chapter 1?


The character descriptions in a book are an essential part of storytelling, allowing authors to highlight their characters’ distinctive features. In The Great Gatsby, Nick Carraway serves as the narrator and primary point of view. Throughout the book, he provides several descriptions of the other characters, including Tom Buchanan. Tom is a wealthy individual, having inherited his family’s riches, and is an old acquaintance of Nick’s from their college days. Nick describes Tom as a brute, with an imposing appearance, possessing “arrogant eyes” and an aggressively leaning stance.

Nick also provides details of Tom’s physical appearance, noting that he has a muscular build, a hard mouth, and straw-colored hair. Tom’s appearance and demeanor convey a sense of power and dominance, making him appear relentless and narrow-minded to the readers. Overall, Nick’s description of Tom presents an uncharitable and unpleasant first impression of the character.



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