How Does Nick Describe Himself At The Beginning Of The Great Gatsby?

As the story progresses, Nick becomes more interested in finance and the world of high finance. He decides to move to New York to become a “bond man.” A bond man is a person who works in the finance industry as a stockbroker or financier. Nick talks about wanting to teach himself about finance, indicating his desire to learn and improve himself. This desire for self-improvement and upward class mobility is a recurring theme throughout the novel, as Nick becomes more and more involved with the wealthy elite of East and West Egg.

Nick’s interest in finance and his move to New York also reflect the changing social and economic landscape of the 1920s. The 1920s were a time of economic growth and prosperity, particularly in the stock market, and many Americans were drawn to the world of finance as a means of upward mobility. Nick’s decision to become a bond man reflects this broader societal trend.

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Overall, Nick’s background, education, and interest in finance make him the ideal narrator for The Great Gatsby. He is able to navigate the complex social and economic world of the novel with a sense of morality and fairness, making him a reliable and sympathetic guide for readers.

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