How Does Myrtle Behave As The Party Progresses In Chapter 2?

Myrtle Wilson is in a relationship with Tom Buchanan, a wealthy man from the upper class of New York City. She sees this as an opportunity to escape her mundane life in the Valley of Ashes and to climb the social ladder. She is determined to find joy in things that do not belong to her, such as Tom and his gifts. Myrtle has a strong will to better her situation, but she chose the wrong man in Tom, who only sees her as an object of his desire. At his apartment party, the group is only there for his affair. This small gathering leads to a lot of chaos, with Myrtle expressing her true feelings about her husband Wilson. She admits that she knew she had made a mistake in marrying him and that he had borrowed a suit for the wedding. Myrtle does not love Wilson and is constantly going off to New York with Tom. Wilson tries to impress her, but she finds him pathetic. As the party continues, Myrtle gets drunk and starts mocking Daisy’s name, which causes Tom to become aggressive and break her nose. He believes it is his duty to protect Daisy, even though he is cheating on her.


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