How does Antinous suggest Telemachus get rid of the suitors?

Antinous wants to get rid of suitors. He suggests Telemachus kills the suitors. His aim is not to relieve the family from the issues suitors make. Instead, he wants to eliminate the competition.

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Since Odysseus’s departure to the Trojan War, many have come to Penelope to ask for her hand. Penelope has been a loyal woman. Therefore, she has refused her suitors. As Penelope’s resistance rises, suitors turn to cunning approaches to make her marry them. Among the most notable suitors is Antinous. He is the most disrespectful and full of deceit. Despite willing to marry Penelope, he makes ill comments about Telemachus’ mother.

Antinous wants to reduce competition and strengthen his positions as a potential husband of Penelope. So, he suggests Telemachus kills all the suitors. He also asks Odysseus’s son to have a feast with him. The boy refuses by giving a harsh comment. Telemachus says that he will only feast when Antinous is dead. The statement infuriates the leading suitor. He devises a plan to get rid of Telemachus. A young boy is the only man left in the house, so killing him would be beneficial for Antinous. It would allow him to increase his chances of marrying Penelope and becoming the leader in Ithaca.

Telemachus, however, can bypass Antinous’ traps with the help of Athena. The leading suitor becomes the first person Odysseus kills upon his return. Disguised as a beggar, he can enter Ithaca. The king draws the bow and sticks Antinous with an arrow when the suitor is feasting. Later, Odysseus reveals himself. He shows that the king of Ithaca is back after more than 20 years since he left home.

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