How Does A Good Man Is Hard to Find Depict Conflict?

The short narrative features both internal and exterior turmoil. The distinction between a vacation and an escaped criminal is where the first issue appears. When The Misfit and the grandma are speaking, there is a second argument.

A Good Man is Hard to Find is a wonderful piece of American literature. The author of this piece illustrates two different sorts of character conflict.

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External conflict, a family vacation, and The Misfit are examples of the first category.
The grandma is struggling with her perception of herself in the second sort of internal conflict.

The grandmother’s statement that an escaped felon is in Georgia is where the narrative begins. By the way, her family has also made the same vacation destination choice. There appears to be a conflict between the family’s behavior and the environment up until they meet The Misfit. Why are they traveling to such a perilous location? The characters, however, don’t think the problem should be taken seriously. They have an extremely slim possibility of running into the offender.

The grandmother witnesses The Misfit and his group killing her family, which ignites the second conflict. The woman tries to convince the criminal that he is decent rather than being afraid for herself and her family. The antagonist praises God and extols virtues while her family is taken into the woods and shot. The grandmother’s “lady” side encourages her to see the best in others. It also conflicts with the circumstance she has been placed in.

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