How did the Necklace protagonist look before losing the necklace?

The main character of the story is Mathilde Loisel, a young woman from Paris who is dissatisfied with her life before losing a valuable necklace. Mathilde is unhappy with her middle-class status and desires to be an aristocrat. This desire stems from her education, as she spent her childhood among wealthy children despite her humble background.

Mathilde’s negative and grim outlook is prevalent throughout the story before she loses the necklace. She fails to appreciate the good aspects of her life, such as her kind husband and financial stability. Despite her husband’s efforts to make her happy, Mathilde remains unsatisfied with her position in society.

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However, after losing the necklace and experiencing financial disaster, Mathilde gains a new perspective on her previous life. The loss teaches her the importance of appreciation and gratitude, qualities that were missing from her character before the incident. Some readers may interpret this as a life lesson for Mathilde, as she learns to value what she had and to be grateful for it.


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