How Did F Scott Fitzgerald’S Novel The Great Gatsby Reflect The Culture Of The 1920S?

The Great Gatsby is a commentary on American social life and culture in 1920, with the relationship between Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan being a central theme. The novel epitomizes the materialistic proliferation of the 1920s through Gatsby’s love for Daisy, who represents a different social class of money and status. Despite Gatsby’s lies about his social standing, Daisy promises to wait for him to return from the war, but ultimately marries Tom Buchanan. Fitzgerald also highlights the strong awareness of social class in the 1920s through the use of East and West Egg, symbolizing old money versus new money and one’s behavior. The moral decay of the 1920s is evident in the characters’ non-existent moral code and lack of concern for others. Fitzgerald’s use of words brings the years of 1920-1929 back to life and expresses his concerns about a society gone astray.

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