Describe The Meeting Between Gatsby And Daisy In Chapter 5 What Was It Like?

In Chapter 5, the focus is on Gatsby’s dream of being reunited with Daisy. All of his actions for the past five years have been in pursuit of this goal. When they finally meet in Nick’s living room, the atmosphere is tense and awkward. Nick tries to leave to give them some privacy, but Gatsby panics and follows him into the kitchen. Nick reassures him and tells him to go back to the living room. When Nick returns, the mood has changed drastically and Gatsby and Daisy are both very happy. Gatsby shows them around his house and explains that on a clear day he can see the green light at the edge of Daisy’s dock. As the visit progresses, they become increasingly close and comfortable with each other. When Nick moves to leave, they are so engrossed in each other that they barely acknowledge his departure, and the chapter ends.

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