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Many people know about writing a book review, but when it comes to movie reviews, they have no idea on what to do. Movie review can become frustrating because you have to create a distinction between it and a movie critique. The difference is in their organisation. With a movie review, you are providing clues on the worthiness of the movie to the audience. On the other hand, a movie critique shows how specific parts of a movie can be improved. Movie reviews can be found in different magazines and websites.

How to write a good movie review

Some students may think that movie review does not need a thesis statement. Just like any other form of academic writing, movie reviews ought to have a thesis statement that is clear and concise. This is what your review revolves around. This is how you go about the process:
  • You have to allocate adequate time to watch the movie and review it. Avoid cramming everything because you will only end up tired and with a poorly written movie review.
  • Watch the movie severally to ensure that you will not leave any important details.
  • You have to form an adequate opinion about the movie and support those opinions with evidence from the movie. If the film was a brilliant piece of art or it was boring as boring as time could allow is not the point. People will make decisions about the movie based on the reviews that you write, so you have to make them worthwhile.
  • Go beyond the plot when you are analysing the movie and talk about the tone, acting, special effects, characters, directing, and every other aspect that was involved in making the film.
  • Be honest enough in your opinion and say if you can recommend the movie to the audience or not. Define the target audience that best fits the movie and tries to maintain objectivity when you are doing that.
  • When you start the movie review, provide necessary information about the movie and some interesting facts about the actors the production process of that movie.
  • Provide to the audience your opinion as well as the criticism of the movie. All this should be backed up by relevant and valid reasons. Rate how the actors performed as well as other crewmembers.
  • If you want to write a good movie review, avoid spoilers because they only contain the best scenes, music, and actions of the entire movie. Spoilers extend even to the articles that people write concerning the movie even before it has been released. This will help you in constructing hones movie review that is objective.
  • When writing your review, have your target audience in mind
  • Do not be too rigid and self-centred with your review because not everyone will agree with it.  However, if you have all the facts straight, you need not worry about they have to say. You are not supposed to change your opinion based on other reviews. When it comes to art, preference takes centre stage.
These tips are bound to help you when you are constructing your movie review. You have t understand that a good movie review does not end with a plain summary. It is a critical evaluation of a movie that you have watched. You have to tell about its success and presentation. To be a good reviewer, avoid revealing the climax of the movie to your reader. Some movie reviews do not go beyond the 750-word limit. It is supposed to be kept as short as possible.
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