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Students at all level s of learning have come across book review assignments. These are meant to help them in developing the skills in analysing major text and important ideas. Book reviews come with a greater challenge as opposed to book reports that require a description of plot and characters therein. With book reviews, a student is supposed to look in detail, the background of a book. He has to delve deep into the problems and intentions contained in the book, evaluate the text critically, and assess its contribution to the existing literature.To many students, this can understandably be quite challenging. These tips can become helpful when you are preparing a book review
  • Add the description of the book at the beginning of your review but do not give any spoilers. Remember that a book review is more than just a summary.
  • You do not have t like the book simply because you are reviewing it. You have to notify the audience the reason you like or dislike the book. Describe the storyline and characters that you think are significant. Make the reader know the kind of emotions that the book elicited in you.
  • Rate the book by ascertaining if you can recommend it to another person. You also have to understand the kind of target audience that the author had in mind while writing the book.
  • Take important notes while you are reading the book. Note down major point and bookmark pages that contain crucial descriptions for later use. This is a crucial step since you might not have time to re-read the book especially if it is lengthy.
  • In your description of different aspects of the book, be sure to include short examples. This will indicate that you paid attention when reading the book.
  • Ascertain the genre of the book and its theme, the style and format used by the author and confirm if the book stands out.
  • Proofread and finish your book review. Ensure that you have not overlooked any significant detail and that your format and grammar meet all the basic requirements. You can read your book review aloud to see if there are inconsistent sentences and flow. Correct any other mistake that might be within the paper.
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