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  1. Read and examine the case study instructions.
  2. Take notes as you explore the subject.
  3. Address the critical problems by focusing on relevant facts.
  4. Your tone must be analytical.
  5. Identify at least 3-5 relevant problems.
  6. Offer solutions and speak of limitations you have encountered.
  7. Make a call to action in the conclusion paragraph.
  8. Talk about the importance and the reasons for choosing your solution.


A case study is a broad concept varying in the function of a subject or a focus area. It’s defined as an empirical investigation into a phenomenon, event, period, decision, policy, institution, person, or group performed in a real-life context. It also means the research strategy used for such studies. Case studies typically include extensive research and analysis of qualitative and quantitative data, often generated through their authors’ experiments.
The main aim of case studies is deriving valuable judgments that allow a deeper understanding of the topic.
The primary focus should be on specific traits of interest, especially when exploring individuals, groups, behavioral patterns, causes, basic principles, or laws governing particular events or phenomena. Case studies typically start with theoretical propositions/hypotheses explored in-depth and proven with evidence, either from literature or experimental.


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The case studies’ format varies greatly depending on the subject. For instance, in psychology, case studies may involve a patient’s history and evaluation of treatment effects. Below are a few examples of disciplines and subjects our cheap case study writing service can provide:
  • Business and management: analyzing stocks or supply chains, acquisitions, the advent of innovative or exemplary companies, asset management in big corporations, and the efficiency of corporate responsibility practices. Case studies in business might investigate specific decisions, events, periods, or market entities, taking into account circumstances, market evolution, and descriptive economic parameters.
  • Marketing: analyzing traditional or innovative advertising campaigns, particularly effective strategies used in social media, adapting advertising messages to multi-cultural, cosmopolitan audiences, and the importance of SEO for online industries.
  • Social sciences: research on anthropology, history, geography, psychology, political science, sociology, and social studies.
  • Nursing and medical disciplines: investigations relating to pathologies, causes, mechanisms, and treatments.
  • Life science subjects: research on ecology, cell biology, developmental biology, genetics, evolutionary biology, immunology, neuroscience, molecular biology, microbiology, histology, physiology, and pharmacology.
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